President/Host Committee Chair

Gabrielle Whisenton, Middle Tennessee State University (term expires October 2022, will move to past president)

The president/host committee chair is the chair of the Executive Council as well as the head of the Association. He/she is the program chairperson for the annual meeting held during the year of his/her assumption of duties as president of the organization. The president/host committee chair works with staff members from the conference host institution(s) in selecting the theme, programs, guest speakers and direction of the annual conference of the Association. The President/Host Committee Chair coordinates the pre-conference, publicity, local arrangements, program personnel and the fiscal arrangements for the conference. He/she submits to the Executive Council a summary of the financial account of the conference within 45 days of its close and submits all registration and rates at the Mid-Year Business Meeting or other agreed upon meeting for a simple approval of the executive board and give a detailed conference update.

He/she is the official representative of the Association; presides over all meetings of the Association; and performs all other duties customary to such an office. The president/host committee chair will also represent the state at SEAHO business meetings, should the state representative be unable to attend.

State Representative/State Web Coordinator

Kendra Ivins, Middle Tennessee State University (term expires October 2023)

Kendra Ivina

The state representative will represent the state at all SEAHO business meetings, including mid-year and at the annual conference.

The state editor of the SEAHO report is responsible for soliciting articles from colleagues from the represented state for publications in each issue of the SEAHO report. This involves communicating with fellow state housing officers at least three times each year to inform them of publication deadlines and other important matters as they pertain to the SEAHO report. The State Web Coordinator is responsible for monitoring and updating the TACUHO website to insure its viability as a state-wide resource.


Mitchell Furtner, Vanderbilt University (term expires October 2022)

The secretary/treasurer maintains the custody of all funds and property of the Association. At the direction of the Executive Council, he/she will collect and disperse monies on behalf of the Association with the exception of the ongoing activities of the annual conference. He/she will prepare an annual account of the financial standing of the Association and present it to the annual business meeting.

Past President

Luis Robles, Belmont University (term expires October 2022)

Luis Headshot

The past president will assist the association with transitions from year to year.  The past president will be responsible for making sure that any changes made at Association meetings are reflected in the Constitution and By-Laws. The past president is responsible for the coordination of the annual TACUHO Summer Drive-ins. This position will also serve as the historian for the organization.

TARH Advisor

Jessup Peterson, Belmont University

The TARH Advisor serves as counsel and as a resource for the TARH Executive Board and TARH. He/She attends all state conferences while in office and is the professional liaison between TARH and TACUHO. The Advisor assists with communication between the conference chair and the TARH executive board. He/she meets with the TARH Executive Board monthly. The TARH Advisor signs jointly on all TARH accounts and oversees the preparation and the expenditures of the annual TARH budget. At the end of his/her term, the Advisor maintains frequent communication with the incoming Advisor during the transition  period.

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